Spine Specialty

Back and neck pain can interfere with your life, if left untreated it may lead to unnecessary chronic pain or even disability. However, seeking specialized orthopedic physical therapy care can eliminate your symptoms and reduce your risk for common future reoccurrences. Patients at Back in Action see their lives change forever by using our Spinal Decompression and Manual and Manipulative Orthopedic Physical Therapy treatments to relieve pain permanently.

Back in Action prides itself as one of the few Physical Therapy clinics in the nation to have both the DRX 9000 Spinal Decompression device as well as the Spine Force core Strengthening unit. By using this state of the art technology combined with the elite training of our spine specialty orthopedic physical therapy clinicians our clinic has been able to help patients with back and neck pain from all across the state of Arizona for the past 5 years. The Mayo Clinic Pilot Study done on the DRX 9000 showed an incredible success rate of 89.9% for appropriate candidates and diagnosis.

In addition to our current client base, Back in Action has had the privilege of changing the lives of hundreds of Veterans from our Armed Forces. Back in Action continues to be a strong supporter and partner of our local VA hospital. When choosing the best form of care for treating your back and neck pain it is important to seek treatment from a clinician that has an advanced degree, specialty certification, and an excellent record of clinical outcomes. At Back in Action you will receive one on one care from our physical therapist who has specialty training. This training consists of time spent at the leading spine and orthopedic organizations in evidence based practice which ensures you will receive the highest quality of care.

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