DRX 9000 Mayo Study

At Back in Action patients qualifying for our spinal rehabilitation treatment program usually receive between 12-15 DRX 9000 visits, combined with manual physical therapy. Our outcome studies display an incredible patient success rate, while the Back in Action spinal therapy program is regarded as one of top nonevasive back treatment programs in the nation.

DRX 9000 Facts

    • FDA approved January 1998
    • Designed by neurosurgeons and medical engineers after 15 years of research
    • Creates intermittent disc distraction, a major key component in restoring discal hydration and health
    • Treats Disc Herniation, DDD, Facet Syndrome with studies revealing an 86% success rate
    • Creates a negative intradiscal pressure of up to -200mm Hg
    • Allows the disc to be reoxygenated, rejuvenated, rehydrated and renutrified
    • Reduces discal scar tissue

The Mayo Clinic study is an excellent demonstration of the success rates our own spinal therapy patients at Back in Action experience with our DRX 9000 program. Please view the link below for Pilot Study results.

Mayo Pilot Study 89.9% effectiveness rate.

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